ASSASSIN’S CREED II: Korrektur-Patch für XBOX 360 und Playstation 3 Version

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Korrektur-Patch für Assassin’s Creed II verfügbar. Der für PS3™ und Xbox 360™ kostenlos herunterladbare Korrektur-Patch wird neben kleineren Bugs auch die in Sequenz 11 auftretenden Probleme beheben. Der Patch wird für die PS3™-Version ab sofort zur Verfügung stehen. Für die Xbox 360™ Variante von Assassin’s Creed II wird er im Laufe des Freitags, den 11.12.2009 online gehen.

Fixed: Situation specific bugs


After he has resolved a glyph (when the unlock code message appears), if user press A and B (for 360, X and O on PS3) in repeat and quite fast, the video will appear in full screen, and he will get stuck in “the truth menu”.

Fast Travel

A few feedback states that Ezio cannot use the interaction with the fast travel anymore.

Free roaming/Parkour

In extremely rare occasions a bug could allow Ezio is able to walk on air.

Auditore Cape

When first equipping or reequipping the Auditore cape while in villa the user becomes notorious even if the cape description says otherwise.

Altaïr’s armor

While wearing Altair’s armor the game crashes when performing multiple consecutive double assassinates.


Under really specific condition the game may crashed on Toscana, while desynchronizing on a fall damage.


Ezio and NPCs may get stuck beneath map if pushed in water.

Animus Loading area

A few report said that the game crashed while the player is in the animus loading area.

Fixed: Mission specific issues

Sequence 05 Mission 01

The game froze after completing the mission and following certain steps.

Sequence 06 Mission 02

An extremely rare issue could make the game freezes when Ezio is fighting the guards.

Sequence 07 Mission 02

Sometimes the civilians knocked down by Rosa could “float”.

Sequence 07 Mission 07

When the user is in an open conflict, under specific situation the game may crashed.

Sequence 08 “Venezia”

The spawn point is incorrect, user should spawn on the tower shown at the end of the flyby, and instead he spawns near Leo’s workshop.

Secret Location: “Vizitatione”

The user remains stuck after locking the agile guard with the gun.

Sequence 11 Mission 05

The user cannot continue gameplay after quitting and loading the game

Sequence 14 Mission 02

The user falls through the texture if he is hit with rocks by the guards while climbing

Sound enhancement

5.1 LPCM support

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