DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS: Video/Single „The Way That I Do“ jetzt online!

224 0 4 13. Juli 2021
Gefällt mir!

Nach „Witchoo” und „Love Will Work It Out” teilen DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS mit „The Way That I Do” die letzte Single vor dem Release ihres neuen Albums „Private Space”, das am 30. Juli via Dead Oceans erscheint.

„The Way That I Do” ist eine beschwingte Disco-Nummer mit groovenden Percussions, die durch Aaron Frazers charakteristischen Falsettgesang abgerundet wird. Für das in Josephine’s Southern Cooking gedrehte Video in Retro-Ästhetik führte erneut Weird Life Regie. Es zeigt Pete und Linda Frazier, die Gewinner des 2019 abgehaltenen World’s Largest Steppers Contest in Chicago. Dazu Pete Frazier: “My wife Linda and I are from Chicago, the Stepper’s capital of the world, and are members of the Majestic Gents Stepper’s organization. We were honored to be asked to participate in this video. As we say on the dance floor, ‘Steppers, let’s go to work!'”

Sänger/Drummer Aaron Frazer über das Disco-Feeling: “Whether on tour or spinning records, over the years we realized how much we love making people dance. When the first notes hit or the needle drops and the whole crowd lights up, that’s a feeling we held onto all through 2020. And that’s what we’re bringing on ‘The Way That I Do.’ It’s a run-to-the-dancefloor song for that special person who gets you shook, makes you wanna do more and be your best self. But it’s also for everyone who’s missed just getting together and movin’ their ass! See y’all soon!”

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